libktx - The KTX Library 4.1.0
Libraries and tools to create and read KTX image texture files.
LICENSE file for the KhronosGroup/KTX-Software project

Files unique to this repository generally fall under the Apache 2.0 license with copyright holders including Mark Callow, the KTX-Software author; The Khronos Group Inc., which has supported KTX development; and other contributors to the KTX project.

Because KTX-Software incorporates material and contributions from many other projects, which often have their own licenses, there are many other licenses in use in this repository. While there are many licenses in this repository, with rare exceptions all are open source licenses that we believe to be mutually compatible.

The complete text of each of the licenses used in this repository is found in LICENSES/*.txt . Additionally, we have updated the repository to pass the REUSE compliance checker tool (see REUSE verifies that every file in a git repository either incorporates a license, or that the license is present in auxiliary files such as .reuse/dep5 . To obtain a bill of materials for the repository identifying the license for each file, install the REUSE tool and run

reuse spdx

inside the repository.

Special Cases

The file lib/etcdec.cxx is not open source. It is made available under the terms of an Ericsson license, found in the file itself.