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cl::NDRange Class Reference

Class interface for specifying NDRange values. More...

Public Member Functions

 NDRange ()
 Default constructor - resulting range has zero dimensions.
 NDRange (size_type size0)
 Constructs one-dimensional range.
 NDRange (size_type size0, size_type size1)
 Constructs two-dimensional range.
 NDRange (size_type size0, size_type size1, size_type size2)
 Constructs three-dimensional range.
 operator const size_type * () const
 Conversion operator to const size_type *. More...
size_type dimensions () const
 Queries the number of dimensions in the range.
size_type size () const
 Returns the size of the object in bytes based on the.
size_type * get ()
const size_type * get () const

Detailed Description

Class interface for specifying NDRange values.

Definition at line 5531 of file cl2.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

cl::NDRange::operator const size_type * ( ) const

Conversion operator to const size_type *.

a pointer to the size of the first dimension.

Definition at line 5578 of file cl2.hpp.

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