libktx Reference 4.3.2
Libraries and tools to create and read KTX image texture files.
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ktxStream Struct Reference

Interface of ktxStream. More...

#include <ktx.h>

Data Fields

ktxStream_read read
ktxStream_skip skip
ktxStream_write write
ktxStream_getpos getpos
ktxStream_setpos setpos
ktxStream_getsize getsize
ktxStream_destruct destruct
union {
   FILE *   file
   ktxMem *   mem
   struct {
      void *   address
      void *   allocatorAddress
      ktx_size_t   size
   }   custom_ptr
ktx_off_t readpos
ktx_bool_t closeOnDestruct

Detailed Description

Interface of ktxStream.

Maksim Kolesin
Georg Kolling, Imagination Technology
Mark Callow, HI Corporation

Field Documentation

◆ address

void* address

pointer to the data.

◆ allocatorAddress

void* allocatorAddress

pointer to a memory allocator.

◆ closeOnDestruct

ktx_bool_t closeOnDestruct

Close FILE* or dispose of memory on destruct.


struct { ... } custom_ptr

pointer to a struct for custom streams.


union { ... } data

pointer to the stream data.

◆ destruct

destruct the stream.

◆ file

FILE* file

a stdio FILE pointer for a ktxFileStream.

◆ getpos

pointer to function for getting current position in stream.

◆ getsize

pointer to function for querying size.

◆ mem

ktxMem* mem

a pointer to a ktxMem struct for a ktxMemStream.

◆ read

pointer to function for reading bytes.

◆ readpos

ktx_off_t readpos

used by FileStream for stdin.

◆ setpos

pointer to function for setting current position in stream.

◆ size

ktx_size_t size

size of the data.

◆ skip

pointer to function for skipping bytes.

◆ write

pointer to function for writing bytes.